Tlapatsí Technique 64 x 122 cm. 2015.   The number seven holds a special connotation in the human psyche, remember that the ancient alchemists determined seven metals corresponding to seven planets and seven entities that guard the mystery of the great work. In the same way we can identify the days of the week, seven... Continue Reading →


Communio (English)

Tlapatsí Technique 180 x 32 cm. ea. 2014. The triptych Communio is much more complex than at first glance might seem: the triad formed by a man, a woman and being that is kept in the mystery of the alchemical process represented: the alchemical wedding, the conjunction of opposites to generate a new being that... Continue Reading →

Ouroboros (English)

Tlapatsí Technique 90 x 180 cm. 2015. Here we must take as a guide the title of the work, Ouroboros or, uroboros is a symbol in which a serpent eats its own tail, it is a representation of the eternal return, of a continuous and perpetual cycle. The image presented that of an old and... Continue Reading →

Zero (LE MAT) English

Tlapatsí Technique 82 x 45 cm. 2014. (Private Collection)   The following is an iconographic guide that serves as a first approach to the interpretation of the work, it does fully conscious of the fact that the author does not own the definitive meaning nor the last word regarding the content of the work; So... Continue Reading →

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