Tlapatsí Technique

64 x 122 cm.



The number seven holds a special connotation in the human psyche, remember that the ancient alchemists determined seven metals corresponding to seven planets and seven entities that guard the mystery of the great work. In the same way we can identify the days of the week, seven virtues, seven days of creation, seven colors of the rainbow, seven musical notes and seven chakras in the body.


Although for his own “system” Carl Jung denotes the futility of creating a list of archetypes, various interpretations have identified seven among the various archetypes recognized as an important nucleus, in a clear correspondence that carries a universal quality of the number seven. The reader will be able to find the relation of these with the system created for a fictional religion in G.R.R. Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire: the Lady (the young woman), the Mother, the Elder, the Young man or Warrior, the Blacksmith (The maker, the creative entity), the old father and the unknown figure who embodies death, but also the archetype of the Shadow, the mystery of the beyond.

The figures that are found in the work take back all these concepts in a frontal encounter with the archetypes, those are half submerged in the water, the symbol of the unconscious, in clear analogy with the reality of the encounter with the unconscious. Only by a dialectical relationship with the two parts of the psyche is that the human being can develop. Recall the alchemists’ motto encapsulated by seven letters. V.I.T.R.I.O.L., which corresponds to the Latin phrase Internal Visit to Recti-ficatur Invenies Ocultum Lapidum: Visit the interior of the earth by rectification you will find the hidden stone.

Alchemical diagram from Daniel Stolz von Stolzenberg, Theatrum Chymicum (1614). Representing the alchemical motto  V.I.T.R.I.O.L.




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