Communio (English)

Tlapatsí Technique

180 x 32 cm. ea.


The triptych Communio is much more complex than at first glance might seem: the triad formed by a man, a woman and being that is kept in the mystery of the alchemical process represented: the alchemical wedding, the conjunction of opposites to generate a new being that is more than the sum of the parts. This opposition and conjunction of opposites is a fundamental part of the alchemical process in which the alchemist seeks beyond the metaphor of converting mundane metals into gold: the realization of the individual, a process that the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung called Individuation.

Bodas Alquímicas/Alchemical Marriage
Bodas Alquímicas/Alchemical Marriage

The alchemists did not have a statutory and totally standardized system, because that would break precisely with the personal process of introspection and self-understanding that was alchemy, so each alchemical treatise is an innovation, and yet the succession of knowledge found In others treatise, adapted according to the characteristics of its author. For this reason the process of union of the opposites sometimes appears identified as Communio, Conjuntio, Coitus, Coniugium, Matrimonium, among others. But this dynamic and dialectical notion also finds its representation in the Tarot, both in the succession of numbers and arcana of passive and active nature, as well as in the arcan XX Le Jugement (The Judgment). The creation in the alchemical retort (symbol of the human soul) of the sacred hermaphrodite, being who looks directly into our eyes and who has conjugated the contrary and opposing aspects in himself.

Tarot de Marsella/Tarot of Marseilles XX Le Jugement
Tarot de Marsella/Tarot of Marseilles XX Le Jugement

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