Ouroboros (English)

Tlapatsí Technique

90 x 180 cm.


Here we must take as a guide the title of the work, Ouroboros or, uroboros is a symbol in which a serpent eats its own tail, it is a representation of the eternal return, of a continuous and perpetual cycle. The image presented that of an old and blind man who is getting inside a cave, he bears a golden bush which burns with a blue flame. Outside of the cave we see ships in flames, something comes to an end. The entry in the form of a Vesica Piscis, fish bladder in Latin, also called Mandorla (Italian for almond), is the form that arises from the conjunction of two circles of the same radius that intersect, in sacred geometry It represents the feminine and the masculine, uniting and complementing each other, so it is the womb of creation, it is an important and widespread symbol around the world and is the base of many monumental structures; in the Catholic context it is used as the Auras that surround beings who are participating both in physical and sacred reality and was one of the first symbols of Christ. In our composition it represents an entrance into a sacred and renewing aspect. This door is guarded by the figures of a King and a Queen, the paternal and maternal archetypes thus reinforces the idea of the Vesica Piscis.

The cave is a sacred space, which contrasts clearly with the violent exterior in the process of destruction, the interior is shown full of life, the now blue and green waters surrounds and cover a high level of the interior. The water is a symbol of the unconscious, soak by it, the old blind man meets the Sculpture of a man who we can identify as an alchemist for in his arms he holds the alchemical retort, the symbol of the human soul and the place where the true transuation of alchemy takes place. This painting, this zoography it’s an image that represents the return to a primordial, natural and spiritual order. After the destruction, the human being seeks the healing of the world and of itself, a return that is the resumption of the cycle of creation and destruction of which the Ouroboros is symbol.

Ouroboros y sellos alquímicos

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